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Why not? I'll post audio files here from time to time -- stories and so on, and a little music as I have time. I'm not much of a songwriter (or musician), but I do have fun trying. I guess making songs (even little ones like mine) counts as "writing."

30 June 2016
"Tomorrow" - The Wrong Man

In the late 1990s, I formed a sort-of band, with a name stolen from a 1956 Alfred Hitchcock film (starring Henry Fonda). We actually recorded one 45 r.p.m single, pressed on actual vinyl, with two of my own songs. We sold about 200 copies to raise money for the Names Project (the AIDS memorial quilt). This is a solo version of the A side.


One of these days, I'll cut a better version, or post the original single. I borrowed the title "Tomorrow" from an obscure, unfinished Eugene O'Neill play. Sorry about the piano solo.

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