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This page offers a mixed bag, hence the name borrowed from the British licorice assortment ... and possibly just as colorful and tasty. Here are links to more published work, including a wartime military diary, and some academic papers. Order my first novel, RANK, if you like. But wait ... there's more! Scroll down and take a look. Comments or questions? Get in touch through the "Contact" link above.


My first novel, RANK, is now available from Bold Strokes Books in paperback and e-book formats. You can order a copy now. You can also find it on This link will take you to the publisher's website.


Might as well throw in a wordsmithing joke, since that's my line of work, after all:


SAM: "My new thesaurus is

      just terrible."

DAVE: "How bad is it?"

SAM: "It's just terrible."


And I'm off and running.


Eugene O'Neill


An electronic archive of primary and secondary sources relating to America's greatest playwright, Eugene Gladstone O'Neill: photographs, scholar- ship (including a couple articles of mine), texts of many O'Neill plays, audio and video performances, and much more ... an eclectic treasury.

Notes from a Journal: Afghanistan 2003-04

I've kept a journal for years, at home and abroad. On deployment to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom (the Global War on Terrorism, as it was known in those days), I wrote a great deal. Some of my entries (along with a dozen photos) appeared in the 2004 edition of WAR, LITERATURE & THE ARTS, the U.S. Air Force Academy's publication. This link will take you to my journal, archived on the WLA website.

   Seek the Truth

 Help the philosopher find himself.

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